The Gate Compound

The Gate invites you to experience a lifestyle unlike any other, with the objective to deliver a unique experience to customers and also adding value to its surrounding community. Our mission is the creation of an icon to be the first complete eco-friendly building, fully serviced residential units in the heart of Cairo. The Gate with its unique, one of a kind design, made up of comfortable exclusive units, green surroundings creating an appealing blend of serenity, offers the perfect mixture of style and convenience. Cities around the world are getting identified by the urban features they encompass in their urban fabric. Iconic buildings are becoming landmarks of cities building not only the mental image of the city but also become the source of pride of its residents. Further, iconic building express the philosophy of the era where it was constructed. Since the construction of Cairo tower, the city of Cairo has not witnessed the construction of a building that could be considered iconic. It is time for Cairo to witness the creation of an ICONIC building that would express the future of the city. The Gate is designed by the renowned Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut slanted the vision of Abraj Misr into giving this edge in building concepts inside Cairo, by introducing The Gate. Known for his eco-friendly design, he designed many projects with the green architecture concept all over the world, and has received many awards. Some of the recent ones include: The project Tao-Zhu Garden with the "International Architecture Award 2014" in New York organized by the Chicago Athenaeum and by the European Centre Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The Gate is a Luxury mixed-use development that offers Residential, Commercial, Retail, and Offices units, in addition it boasts a 5 star hotel.
The Gate Compound | كمبوند ذا جيت
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